One Day Installation

Your kitchen and bathroom belong to you. We strive to give you the most privacy and use of your home while you are upgrading your countertops.

Denver Epoxy Plus fabricates Your New Epoxy Countertops in their shop to deliver the most Time Effective Quality Solution.

These 3 elements provide you with the highest quality Epoxy Countertops.

Traditional Epoxy Countertop

  1. Traditional Countertop Installation

    Traditional Epoxy Countertops are done in home. This requires removing the backsplash from your current countertops. This creates a project that involves power sanders which create dust in your home. The process also requires that all cabinets and floors be masked off to keep any epoxy from getting on your floors and cabinets. This procedure can keep you from the simple task of getting a glass of water in your own home. Preparation of cabinets, masking, epoxy pour, cure and finish takes several days on most kitchens.
  2. Traditional Epoxy Installation Requires a Dust Free Environment

    Epoxy needs to cure in a dust Free area which includes pet hair. Opening doors and happy pets roaming your home can create problems with the epoxy finish. Any dust or pet hair in the finish prolongs the job with no guarantee that the same problem will not reoccur unless you seal the house and board your pets over this time.
  3. Traditional Installation Requires a Controlled Temperature Epoxy Cure

    Temperature is a crucial element in the curing of Epoxy. When epoxy is cured at a higher temperature it cures quicker, harder, and faster. Low temperature epoxy curing can result in countertops clouding over time. The effects of a under temperature often do not appear for weeks or even months.
  4. Traditional Epoxy Countertop Finish

    When the epoxy is cured most epoxy countertop installers will consider the job done. Remove the masking and tape from the job site and leave the product finished
  5. Traditional Epoxy Countertop Final Product

    Formica is bent over the edge of the countertop. This gives countertop a slight rise and a distinct curve. This type of curve is never seen on the edge of Marble, Granite, Quartz or other countertops that add value to your home. Pouring epoxy over Formica countertops leaves a very recognizable look. The final product has the look of a Formica countertop that has been upgrade with a low-cost solution. Due the nature of the recognizable edge / corner that Formica countertops have in common. Where the backsplash once was is an unfinished wall in need of paint or a new backsplash.

Denver Epoxy Plus

  1. Denver Epoxy Plus Countertop Installation

    Our certified installer will measure your cabinet tops to specification. They will leave your home. The installer will come back on the scheduled day. They will remove the old countertops and install the new ones. This process is finished in under a day on the average kitchen.
  2. Denver Epoxy Plus Epoxy Countertops - Dust Free & Temperature Controlled

    Denver Epoxy Plus fabricates your new Countertops with your choice of a custom edge. The countertops are then poured in our dust free temperature-controlled environment. If there would be a problem with the pour it can be addressed in a very timely manner at our facility.
  3. Denver Epoxy Plus Countertop Finish

    Denver Epoxy gives you a choice of finishes, gloss, satin and matte. That is not the finish for us. All our countertops are finalized with a coat of Diamond Shield. Diamond Shield is a nano coat that fills any voids, by doing so brings up the strength, heat resistance and stain resistance of the epoxy. (Epoxy is an open end molecule – Diamond Shield chemically closes the molecules.)
  4. Denver Epoxy Plus Countertop Final Product

    The final product has the look of a Brand-New Countertop with the edge of your choice. If you ordered an epoxy backsplash with your countertop it will be installed with the countertops. The final result is beautiful new countertops that add value and beauty to your home.
  5. The Denver Epoxy Plus Experience

    Denver Epoxy Plus has formulated our business to provide you the highest quality product with the least disturbance possible to your home life. We believe your home is your castle. We are honored in the fact you have chosen Denver Epoxy Plus to come into your home and assist you in replacing your countertops. Our demeanor, cleanliness, speech and manners reflect the fact that we are proud to serve you in the presence of your home.

Make sure and ask about our custom epoxy backsplash when you order your countertops.

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