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We bring the Countertop Store to you! Request a quote and we will bring epoxy countertop samples of different styles, colors, finishes and countertop edges to your home. Based on what you see we can create a custom sample for you specifically for your home. See Our Reviews on Denver Epoxy Countertops

White Marble or Black
Copper Patina
Soap Stone

Countertop Contractor

We measure then manufacture Your New Epoxy Countertops in our shop. On the scheduled installation date our countertop installers remove and dispose of your old countertops and install your new countertops in less than a day. Read More…

If you like our quote we take exact measurements of your counters. If you want additional samples to choose from we schedule a follow up to show you Your custom design. When the sample is agreed upon we accept half down for the job Read More…

We then fabricate your Countertops in our shop. We control the dust the temperature and the epoxy drips. You get No disruption to your cooking, your pets, kids and daily routine.  Read More…

We arrive on the scheduled day – Remove old countertops and install your Heat Cured, Diamond Sealed Countertops. We are in and out of your home in less than a day. Your countertops and kitchen are ready to go. You enjoy your home with new beautiful custom epoxy countertops, Read More…

Countertop Fabrication vs Epoxy Pour Over

Denver Epoxy Plus does not do Epoxy pour over on Formica Countertops. Look at the edge of any Formica countertop. See the distinct dip and rolled edge. The distinct look of Formica is due to the edge.

Applying epoxy over Formica Counters creates the image of updated Formica.Denver Epoxy Plus offers you a choice of edges to enhance the image of your counters. These choices are presented to you when we show you the samples of epoxy countertop finishes. Here are a few of the choices.

To have Granite, Marble or other stone cut with customized edges is extremely expensive. Denver Epoxy Plus offers several of these edge styles at no additional cost.See a detailed account of how our Epoxy Countertop process works from quote to after installation maintenance. Click Here

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  • Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Floor Refinishing Services

Epoxy Flooring is becoming more popular by the day. The durable finish that was once reserved for garage floors, and industrial flooring has come a long way. Denver Epoxy Plus offers incredibly beautiful custom residential flooring from kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms and showers to stunning dining rooms, media rooms and man caves.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring – Flooring Contractors

Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice in industry for several reasons. Our Epoxy Flooring is:

Eco Friendly Ant-Bacterial Fume Free Install
5 Times Harder
than Concrete

These properties make Epoxy Flooring an ideal solution for:

  • Medical and Lab Applications

  • Commercial Parking Structures

  • Airport Hangers

  • Cannabis Grow Facilities

  • Commercial Kitchens

  • Mechanical Shops

  • Showrooms

  • Bars and Dance Floors

Residential Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy flooring offers a truly stylish floor for your home and can be custom tailored to the room and style you desire.


The use of Epoxy flooring has gained popularity in Kitchen, Bathrooms and Laundry rooms the waterproof ant-bacterial characteristics of epoxy make this a great choice for stylish easy to clean germ free surfaces.


Dining rooms and living rooms, can be showcased with custom epoxy flooring featuring highlights and metallic finishes that bring out different colors and accents based on the time of day and lighting.


An epoxy floor that runs through and entire floor can be accented to give the home a beautiful flow that carpets, tiles and wood floors simply can’t match. Garage floors and mancaves can may feature emblems and color coordination to compliment your brand and style. From Harley Davidson, Denver Nuggets, or Broncos we can make your garage, shop or mancave reflect your style.

Epoxy Flooring and Science

The advancement of epoxy has continued to improve greatly over the years. Diamond Coat Epoxy is UV Resistant – Does not cloud and offers a lifetime of service in industrial settings while providing state of the art colors and style for your home.


Floors may contain moisture, have uneven seems, cracks and other damage that must be taken care of prior to any Epoxy being poured. Handling these issues in the correct manner will leave you with a beautiful epoxy floor that will bring you years and years of enjoyment.

Poor surface preparation and mis-diagnosed moisture and ground fault issues will leave you with an ongoing project that diminishes peace of mind and becomes a source of angst.

A perfectly prepped surface will require a high quality long lasting epoxy to bring out the best possible finish on your floor. From color and design to grip our Certified Diamond Coat Epoxy Flooring Technicians literally have you covered.

Epoxy Art

Epoxy offers some of the most brilliant colors and styles you can imagine. Our in house team of artist love to create artwork with Epoxy. Do you need a customized conference table? A one of a kind epoxy painting, plaques, coasters.